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Disney Plus Review - Kinda Funny Screencast (Ep. 45)

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Kevin, Joey, and Tim give their thoughts on Disney Plus' launch lineup.

Time Stamps -
00:02:47 - Housekeeping
00:03:45 - What We’ve Been Watching That Isn’t Disney+
- News -
00:11:22 - Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Redesign
00:15:10 - Uncharted Movie Adds Mark Wahlberg...Again
00:17:19 - She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight Will Appear in MCU Films After Disney+ Debut
00:19:30 - Friends Reunion Special is Really in the Works at HBO Max
00:25:01 - ADS
00:32:07 - This Weeks Big Topic: Disney+
01:06:16 - Out now on Streaming Platforms
01:08:00 - This weeks Bronze
01:11:15 - Next week's Bronze


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